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Exciting Updates and New Features! 🎉

Hey everyone, I just want to share with you some really quick updates. So many amazing things are happening and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

The first thing is web design. I have redesigned parts of my website with help from my amazing team. Okay, so take a look at this. Look here. Don't you love the new look right? And with the new look, we have some new press features, but let me just show you first. Okay, look down. I wanted to create something here where we can talk about what we do. I'm out here just creating some learning experiences and story time experiences that people are craving. I want to teach people how to do this. So take a look there. Yes. People can book me to speak now and there is a direct link for bulk book orders.

Story time. Yes. There are some free story time options. So if you click on this, you're able to sign up and get some free story time options. Okay. Save story time and bedtime routine where you have to read the same book over and over and over and let me do it. Tell me which books you'd like me to read. I will read them. It'll be fun. I'll use voices and come up, come down and hand signals and all of that to capture your young readers hearts and attention while you prepare for your bedtime altogether. Here's some really cute photos of adorable customers. Oh my goodness. I could keep going on and on and on if you want to check those out and some really nice reviews from some of my favorite customers. Check that out. Yes. So that is the first awesome update I want to share with you. The second is there's a feature that's not listed on here yet. So you're getting the full scoop of it.

Publishers Weekly, if you're, familiar with them, we. Now have a feature on Publishers Weekly. I Miss My Friend And That's Okay is featured on Publishers Weekly's website, which is huge. This is part two in the And That's Okay series. It follows I Move A Lot And That's Okay. So yes, check this book out. You will love it. It follows up with my book right here paper back and eBook. Yes. So it's on right on the homepage. Can we say prime spot? Yes, we can. Let me also show you this right here on Amazon.

The new store is being redesigned. Yes. So there are new titles to it. And you can see some of them behind me as well. But since the last time we probably spoke, you probably haven't seen Cruel to Kind, a book where this kid is the upstander when this kid is bullying a new kid at school relatable? Absolutely. It's going to teach your young readers how to stand up for others and assert themselves in a positive way. You may not have seen Rowdy Ronnie, the rabbit who doesn't know how to behave. And this girl right here, Ryan, has to learn patience and relatable and be kind to him, to him and help him adjust to being in a new home. This book here, Creative Genius, brand new. Short Stories for Boys. You got to check it out. It pretty much says you're good enough just the way you are. But there are fun short stories that are about 300 words each. And there are six of those in there. What else is new on here? Oh, I missed my Short Stories for Boys. Brand, that's okay. Axel's story because Axel is back. That book is coming out soon. Sasha Smart has seven short stories, all about 300 words each, just to boost that empowerment that girls need to feel. What else do we have on here? Oh, we've had some gratitude journals and some bullet journals, you may not be aware of and then Affirmations for leaders is perfect for every teenager and every adult in the workspace. There are things like what's my favorite affirmation? Oh, no, it's a complete sentence and it doesn't need an explanation. So having people feel What else do we have on here? Oh, I don't know. Confident enough over explaining themselves is huge. So each of the pages in that book are affirmations that you can color and say to yourself, What else? I can keep going here with these cool new titles that are being added. But I'm going to check that out when you get a chance. What else is new?

Oh, yes, I'm going to go back to my main site for you to see. This right here where I'm circling the American Library Association. We spoke at that conference. If you can see me, here's my badge when I spoke. Check it out. I was on a dynamic panel with librarians talking about the importance of having. Diverse culturally relevant books in the library system. If you know anything about self publishing, it's a lot harder to get your book into the public library system and a part of the catalog on the shelf for somebody to check in and check out. I know it shouldn't be that difficult, but sometimes it is. So I. I wanted to. I was invited to join the panel. I joined it and I feel so proud to be a part of literacy nation. This is a group that works exclusively with self published authors. They are nonprofit that helps you get your books into library shelves and to spread love with books and that's part of my mission.

What else what else? Oh, yes, it says there is another update that I have not told you yet. You will have to tune in for an email update on a July 10th event that I am so proud to share. Again, know that my mission is to make children feel heard and seen in books. My joy is when a child and a family member says that fully speaks to our experience and someone. Meals can now find empathy for a different experience in their own. Not tolerance, not acceptance. We're talking about empathy where you're truly trying to understand that person's point of view and see it from where they are in the world. Please connect with me right there on my website and you can also click the higher me to speak button. Yes, I will speak on your panel. Yes, I will come for an author visit at your school. Yes, I will be a part of your small group workshops in and speaking events and I'll take the main stage as a keynote speaker, but more importantly, I want to help you maximize the learning experience for your audiences.

Why? Because we all deserve for DEI to include diverse experience. Experiences with stories. You can't say that your organization is DEI if you are not actively including the voices of children, if you're not actively included, the voices and the experiences of military connected families and if you are not actively including and spreading the voices of multicultural families through literature.

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