This is Shermaine Perry-Knights posing with 3 of her books.

Recognized as 2020 One to Watch by the Association for Talent Development.



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This is a great resource to get you thinking about your next best steps. This guide is like having Shermaine coaching you on paper to help you find your career direction. Thoughtful exercises will help you reflect on finding fulfilling work.

Maggie R.


I enjoyed this book very much as any child should whose parent is in the military. It shows a well-informed little girl step by step what to expect if her parents are in the military and they are expected to pack up and leave for a new base. With dad explaining that it is a new adventure for them, new places, new friends etc. then the child is apt to feel okay in leaving her friends, because she knows there are always new ones wherever she goes.


It’s nice to read a book from a true perspective. This book is good for me as a teacher. It opened my eyes up to see what a military child’s life is truly like. Wow! This is a good book for everybody!

Amazon Customer