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  • How do I place a bulk order?
    There are 3 ways... (1) Explore my 2024 wholesale catalog to get started. (2) Check out the merch in the "SHOP" tab. (3) Order directly from my Amazon Author Page.
  • How do I connect with Shermaine?
    Select the "Contact" menu tab.
  • I want to interview Shermaine on a podcast?
    Schedule a 20-minute conversation Here. She's excited to learn more about your audience and overall show.
  • Can I book Shermaine for a speaking event?
    Absolutely! Please message Shermaine directly using the "Contact" menu tab.
  • How do I preview Shermaine's books before buying in bulk?
    Select "play" on the video below or view the 2024 wholesale catalog.
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